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"Image Fulgurator" - Julius von Bismarck

Wowereit powered by "O2"
Klaus Wowereit (mayor de Berlin) na inauguração do "ART FORUM 2008". 

Fulguration of "the Magritte dove" no retrato de Mao Zedong na praçao de Tiananmen

Discurso de Obama na Alemanha na Siegessäule, Berlim. 24 de Julho 2008

"People’s great trust in their photographic reproductions of reality was what motivated me to develop the *Image Fulgurator*. A camera can be used as a personal memory tool, since people do not doubt the veracity of their own photographs. Hence, photos can reproduce the reality of an individual environment or public space. At sacred or popular locations, or those having a political connotation, an intervention with the Fulgurator can be particularly effective. Especially objects with a special aura or great symbolic power are good targets for this kind of manipulation. In other words, with the Fulgurator it is possible to have a lasting effect on those kinds of individual moments and events that become accessible to the masses only because they are preserved photographically.

In this context the Fulgurator represents a manipulation of visual reality and so targets the very fabric of media memory." Julius von Bismarck

Video of the first test of an image fulguration in public.
Context: This video shows an Intervention at the Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin. (former border of east and west Germany) The target of the manipulation was the famous "YOU ARE ENTERING THE AMERICAN SECTOR" - sign.
The manipulation created a link from the former East / West border to the US / Mexican border in order to reimagine the dramatic situation at worldwide borders today. The message was addressed to the tourists on location, that can travel easily over every border without risking their life.

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